Tuesday, September 11th, 2018.

“What is the right way to behave to honor our sport and to respect our opponents?”, Martina Navratilova had asked the New York Times after Serena Williams showed disgraceful behavior on the tennis court. Williams had managed to get three strikes; 1st) getting coaching signals. 2nd) breaking her racket, which made her lose a point. 3rd) calling the umpire Carlos Ramos a thief. She excused these behaviors by saying, “If I were a man I wouldn’t have been penalized.” CEO Steve Simon said in a WTA statement: “This is true.” But Navratilova countered by saying Williams was, “missing the point.” Navratilova was quoted, “[W]e cannot measure ourselves by what we think we should be able to get away with. While playing a professional sport, you are not only representing yourself and the team beside you, but also the sport as a whole.” Navratilova believes Williams shouldn’t have excused her behavior. She should have thought about the future of tennis and the respect for her opponent instead of herself because kids surely will emulate her.

Written by, Ballarini ~ STR-201



Thursday, August 16th, 2018.

On this day 10 years ago, American swimmer Michael Phelps was on his way to setting the record for most gold medals earned by an individual athlete. He also was setting a world record in every single event practically. The Baltimore kid who was diagnosed with severe ADHD, and medicated during the school each week, proved his English teacher a fool for saying he would never be successful. The retired athlete has co-authored several books, including: No Limits: The Will to Succeed, and a children’s book. With a total of 28 lifetime Olympic medals, Phelps is the most decorated Olympian ever. It's satisfying hearing that Phelps never gave up and ignored negativity that went in his life. If he can do it, anyone can. Be successful in life he proves like many before him, never give up.

Written by, Andy ~ PAS-801


Monday, August 13th, 2018.

Dodgeball is no longer just a game for school gym's. It's also a competitive sport now. This past weekend at the Dodgeball World Cup, players we're dipping, diving & ducking all over the court. One of the players from Canada had said that it was exciting and great seeing people's reaction knowing that Dodgeball was an official competitive sport. All this was display at a World Dodgeball Association's second tournament. There were 13 different countries in men's, woman's and mixed competition. 10 teams each competed for the ultimate title. Dodgeball has grown ever since 2013. There were 35 countries competing from different continental federations back then. In the present it has grown to over 62 countries. That is extremely satisfying. Can you believe on how much people are actually enjoying this competitive sport? It really is great hearing that there is almost 67.5 million participants worldwide. That statement shocked me.

Written by, Ian ~ PAS-802



Sunday, August 12th, 2018.

Brooks Koepka beasts his way to his second major of the season. "It's really incredible", he said considering how early in the year he thought he wasn't going to play at all with a season ending injury. He won the U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills to setup what he did today. This is his third career major in the last year and a half including the U.S. Open win at Erin Hills. Koepka now has three times the number of major wins as his gym pal, Dustin Johnson. With this PGA Championship win, he is making his own case to be considered the best golfer in the world. Forget about official rankings for a minute. He beat everyone including a charging Tiger. I've set some goals for myself in life and one of them is to become a great golfer. I bet Koepka just started shaking in his boots. I'M COMING FOR YOU IN 15 YEARS BROOKS.

Written by, Ian ~ PAS-802


Friday, August 10th, 2018.

Here are three things that are going right during this years Texans Training Camp.


1. They're Staying Healthy: Unlike a year ago, when wide receiver Will Fuller broke his collarbone, the Texans have no major injuries.

2. The Offensive Line Is Holding Together: The offensive line is in the midst of a nearly complete overhaul. New starters Seantrel Henderson, Zach Fulton, Senio Kelemete and Juien Davenport have held up well.


3. Lamar Miller Looks Faster; Losing weight to get down to 217 pounds is why I'm assuming. The Texans running back is much leaner and looks a lot more explosive than he did a year ago during a sluggish season.


If I ever was a Coach, I would always want to see my running backs leaner and faster. But, I do know this is football. We need someone to pound the rock and take a bunch of snaps in short yardage situations too.

Written by, Ian ~ PAS-802


Tuesday, August 7th, 2018.

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Astros' had a plan coming in for the two game series against the Giants at AT&T Park and that plan was to play small ball. Then, of course, the homers blossomed. It ended up being two "no doubt about 'em homers" that won both ballgames. The Astros relished a two-game sweep of the San Francisco Giants which completed the 6-2 road trip. The manager, A.J. Hinch said, "We did it all with some of our biggest bats out of the lineup. We talk about being a really good lineup top to bottom everyday. Now is the time when we really have to prove that. The big horses are out". They practically stole both games with two really big swings, late. The first seven innings today, the Astros went 0-for-9 with runners in scoring position. But it only takes 1 swing for them to win because of their exceptional bullpen. The bullpen combined to give up "0" earned runs in over 20 innings during the entire road trip.

Written by, Ian ~ PAS-802