Tuesday, Sept. 18th, 2018.

     My name is Juniper. I am a seventeen year old high school senior and my gender is female. My profile is on the following page but I have NOT included a picture of myself. The decision to remain anonymous was made because I am interested in writing about politics. I am sure in the future I will make mistakes voicing my opinion and in this arena, there is very little room for error. Therefore, I am letting everyone know right now, I can only do the best I can. Please be patient.
     Today, I would like to start out by saying that I wish more people would listen to the other side in politics. That is aimed at all sides, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Media and even the regular folks. To me, debating the issues is how you come up with the best solutions. Finding common ground has always been essential to passing legislation. Iím not currently associated with any political party. I planned on figuring out my opinions on these matters after I graduated from college. But, since I have been offered an opportunity to voice my thoughts unabated on these matters today, my time line has changed. I am ready to tell you what I think and how I feel.
     First of all, I am not for or against Donald Trump but I do think he is an unusual President. I remember Barack Obama barely. I also have little recollection of his political stances but I know some from history. The reason President Trump in my opinion is so unique, is because he doesnít act like a President. I am comparing him to the other 44 Americans who have earned their way through the office. There has never been anyone like Trump. I believe that to be a true statement mainly because of how he uses social media. Every President in the past has always placated to the press to get their message out, he does not.
     Now, I would like to get to my point in this article. Judge Brett Cavanaugh is being accused of sexual misconduct today by Christine Ford. The misconduct accusation is coming from his high school years. I am in high school. It matters to me whether he did this or not and I want to know the truth. Will I ever know the truth? Probably not. He said, she said, could go on forever. Does the truth matter? Yes, to me it does. He will rule from the Supreme Court bench possibly for decades and his decisions will most certainly effect my life. But, if the accusations turn out to be fabricated, Iím going to throw-up. Tearing down a man for political purposes is not right. The ďMe TooĒ movement is an important topic but to use it to gain power is wrong on so many levels.
     I would like to talk directly to the kids for a minute. Listen, please stand up everyday and take accountability for your own actions. This hearing proves who you are now, matters. And who you will become, matters even more. Donít be complacent. Make sure your actions have purpose and always believe in something. But, never think your something is better then someone elseís. We all together form America so working together will surely make us better. Juniper
     Update: Brett Cavanaugh was sworn in as the 114th Supreme Court Justice on October 6th, 2018. Although it was under protest from the Democrats and their party, there was no corroborating evidence put forth by his accusers said the F.B.I..

Written by, Ballarini ~ STR-201



Tuesday, August 14th, 2018, PM.

Today, there were some interesting facts coming out about taxation. During the first 10 months of this fiscal year, 1 trillion 415 billion dollars came into the treasury department. That is a record. The 2017 total does not compare. Here is the kicker, we are running a 684 billion dollar deficit. This makes me believe that the politicians in Washington have a spending problem. I'm talking about all politicians, Democrats and Republicans. So here are 2 lessons we should learn from this information today. First lesson; Politicians don't care that we owe 21 trillion dollars because it's not real to them. They will spend as much as they need to win their next election. Second lesson; tax cuts increase the amount of revenue being brought into the treasury department. Lower taxes creates more earning power and the more people earn the more they will pay in taxes.

Written by, Armando ~ PSM-801


Wednesday, July 25th, 2018, PM.

Trump needs a vacation. Not just for himself but for everyone on earth. Every day there is so much chatter. He Tweets every hour on the hour practically and I don't even like politics. I am paying attention now because Iím a journalist. I like to be informed more then ever. However, I do suggest that during the month of August, he just go relax. All of the Presidents in the past like to hang out on Martha Vineyards' at the end of the summer. That's in the far northeast if youíre not familiar. I think thatíll be the perfect spot for him. Play a little golf. Eat a little ice cream. But please for everyone, stop the Tweeting, lol.

Written by, Armando ~ PSM-801