Yo Yo's Cafe
(just North of I-10 East)
9205 Eagle Dr.
Mont Belvieu, TX 77523
(832) 307-7331





Redeem with Cell Phone Only.

To Redeem Coupon, You Must Have a Valid Subscription Receipt

(pink or yellow).

Only One Coupon Redemption Per Customer. This Coupon Expires Daily.


“Yo Yo's Cafe”

Scream Out:
Yo Yo's … Cafe …
Yo Yo's … Cafe …
Yo Yo's … Cafe …
Come and Eat Today.

Scream Out:
Yo Yo's … Cafe …
Yo Yo's … Cafe …
Yo Yo's … Cafe …
Enjoy It All Your Way.

And then you'll find you a home,
in our comfy chairs,
come in, we'll see you there.
Or we'll deliver it up or to go,
it'll be prepared,
dive in, like you don't care.

We take pride in our meals,
they're cooked fresh just for you.
You'll savor our flavor,
there's only one thing left to do.

Scream Out: Yo Yo's Cafe.
It's a Very Special Place.
They Cook Chinese Cuisine,
Like You've Never Seen,
In Their Little Mount Belvieu Space.
They're Hopin' to See You Everyday.
They're Open In Plain View,
So Bring Family Today.
They Know That,
You're All Coming to Stay,
and Together We'll Be All Saved,
Yo Yo's Cafe.

Music and Lyrics, March 7th, 2021, 8:53am:
Peter J. Beauchemin





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