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“Best Appliance Oasis”

We've got microwaves.
We've got lots of stoves.
Refrigerators are what we advertise in bold.

But don't forget our washers.
Our dryers never cold.
And the very best thing is.
We're never undersold.

We fulfill your desires.
Only stainless steel acquired.
We'll deliver to the buyer.
After you pay us to be hired.

We're the Best Appliance Oasis.
Saving All Is How We're Known.
We're In a Fast and Easy Location.
In the Heart of Your City Zone.
We Test and Fix Your Frustrations.
We Never Leave You Alone.
'Cuz We're the Best Appliance Oasis.
Where We Help You Feel At Home.

Save the Best Appliance Oasis,
to Your Phone ...

Music and Lyrics, August 11th, 2020, 1:47pm:
Peter J. Beauchemin



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